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    1, good posture
    Back straight and abdomen
    Now you are reading this article with what kind of posture? Is half lying on the sofa, or reclining on an office chair? In every row stand sitting between, people always like the most comfortable position, but comfortable posture is not necessarily equal to the health, especially for the waistline is getting larger people. Keep the “comfortable” posture for a long time will not only make the belly fat accumulation, muscle and ligament strain, even influences the function of heart and lung. But long time stay pretty waist posture, but also in the exercise abdominal muscles, days and months multiplying is very useful to reduce waist circumference.
    The long bow desk work, work for half an hour to walk up; when walking upright, eyes look straight, toes to the front, natural walking, brisk pace must; standing chin slightly retracted, slightly to tighten the abdomen, center of gravity forward slightly.
    2, a good exercise
    Do more exercise
    Campaign is divided into aerobic and anaerobic two. Although anaerobic exercise can strengthen muscles and the explosive force, but their fitness effects are limited to the shape lines, on the whole than aerobic exercise. So, want to reduce waist who choose the best aerobic exercise.
    Common aerobic exercise in the heat consumption sorting can be listed as: track and field, skipping, cycling, jogging, playing basketball, table tennis, swimming, walking. Among them, brisk walking, swimming, dancing and riding a bike is 4 the most suitable heart American “daily health network” recommended, can effectively improve heart and lung function, still can reduce blood pressure, regulate blood lipids, blood glucose control, especially for the elderly. Each exercise should not be less than 30 minutes, 3 – 5 times a week. To grasp the movement scale, once appear flustered shortness of breath, chest fever, dizziness and other phenomena, it shows that the excessive movement.
    3, good food
    A stroke a meal a bacteria
    A reasonable diet is very important for every want to control the waist of the people, we can remember the “one or two, three or four, five” and “red, yellow, green, black and white,” the two principles. A: drink a bag of milk every day. Two: 250 grams to 350 grams of carbohydrates, the staple food is equivalent to six two to eight two. Three: three high protein. A is one or two of lean meat or a big egg tofu, or two two, or two two or three two fish, chicken and duck, or half soybean. Four: four words, namely “with thick thin, not sweet not salty, three four five tons, seven or eight full.” Five: 500 grams of vegetables and fruits. Also eat a color of food. “Red”: tomatoes, red Wine (small), red pepper, etc.. “Yellow”: carrots, sweet potato, corn, pumpkin and so. “Green”: Green Tea. Often drink Green Tea can prolong life, reduce tumor, reduce atherosclerosis. There are green vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, and the deeper the more nutritious green. “Black”: black foods, such as black fungus, can reduce blood viscosity. “White”: refers to the oatmeal, add beans and garlic.
    Hong also recommend a diet: a stroke each meal a meal a bacterium (mushroom). Eat “four-color nutritious porridge” 1 two breakfast, Boiled Egg 1 (egg yolk to half), 250 ml of milk; lunch Steamed Rice 1 two, 2 two steamed fish, mixed with cucumber, black fungus 5 two, raw tomatoes 5 two; 3 two dinner braised chicken, boiled cabbage (mushrooms, dried small shrimps, small) 5 two, Steamed Rice 1 two, 1 two mung bean porridge. All oil 15 grams, 3 grams of salt. So every meal seven full, overweight, obesity, or hypertension, fatty liver, coronary heart disease is generally a month can reduce the weight of about 1 kg.
    4, a good drink
    White boiling water light tea
    A sweet drink is the enemy of waist circumference. British and American scientists research shows more than 355 ml, day to drink the sweet juice or a carbonated drinks will give “pressure vessel”. USA Heart Association says, weekly carbonated beverage intake should not exceed 3 tank (355 ml).
    In fact, the best drink is white boiling water or honey water, light tea; Soybean Milk, lemonade drinks can also be appropriate to drink. Professor Hong Zhaoguang to recommend a “water schedule”, to help you easily reached “water index”. 6:30, get up to 250 ml of water to drink, can help kidney and liver detoxification. 8:30, to the office after the first drink a cup, at least 250 ml of water. 11:00, drink a day third glasses of water, replenish moisture, helps to relax the tense emotions at work. 12:50, spent half an hour after lunch, drink some water, strengthen the digestive function of the body. 15:00, drink a glass of water refreshment. 17:30, before coming off work, drink a cup of water, eat dinner not overeating. 22:00, 1 to a half hour before going to bed drink a cup of water, but don’t drink too much, so as not to affect the sleep.

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    [secret] medical expert guidance for thin cut big belly
    5, a good tool
    Pound, waist length
    Weight: standing in the home of a weight scale, not only can keep abreast of weight change on its own, but also supervise the family weight control. American “health” magazine web site published an article that, weight control is good, very beneficial to the heart. We suggest that you can follow more than a month, less than a week frequency weight, once found to increase fat trends, timely adjustment. Body mass index BMI’s health in the 18 – 24.
    Waist length: General tape on the line, the best placed in a prominent position, to develop a regular habit of waist circumference. The correct amount of waist circumference method, natural stand up straight, feet shoulder width, a non elastic tape on the midpoint are measured hip upper edge and the lower edge of the ribs (twelfth line is usually the narrowest part of the waist nature), along the horizontal direction around the abdomen for 1 weeks, when measuring skin ruler

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