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    The man’s love view:
    First, one to do any work, treating everything feel “too simple” man does not mean he is talented, behind this often concealed his have great ambition but little talent, there is no patience, expect such people into the hands of the “futures” appreciation, as if not too realistic.
    Second, a social fame man, basically also is a fame is more important than his wife. If he m. If he must make a choice between the social reputation and his wife, they would not choose a wife, but this does not hinder they need to have a woman as wife existence.
    Third, a lot of occupation spirit man, basically is a have no leisure to accompany the woman shopping man. When Chen Jingrun is a occupation as happy people, but according to the moral standard, no time to accompany a wife, not even his wife, the advantages are attributed to men. And now, more is not ordinary woman, the more do not have the patience to who does not love a home.
    Fourth, a just for you, others to you a little “offensive” and the other man would stamp with rage, basically is a selfish and ruthless. Such a man has no interest.
    Sixth, an evil associates “silt but don’t dye of men”, is absolutely a good disguise the false man. A man went to see his friend, this sentence is absolutely no wrong, if his friends around the very bad, but he has a flaunt their innocence, continuing and mix them together, then he must be worse than those who.

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    Seventh, a charming and sexy man, which is basically a for all women, charming and sexy man. Seventh, a charming and sexy man, which is basically a for all women, charming and sexy man.
    Do not have fondly imagined that a kind of limited to germinate in a little pot. A not with any beautiful, lovely women of any man, basically is a beautiful, lovely any women a contemptuous disregard man. Eighth, a night at home with your man, basically is a man who has no friends.
    Eighth, a night at home with your man, basically is a man who has no friends. This time, the man will not get the woman’s choice, grumble but of women. A man of leisure, only when they have no leisure time, showing only a precious.
    Ninth, no one you can’t live without it, or even to die for you man, must be a can let you die of man. Don’t be such a vow and moved, he is just too possessive and not mature.
    Tenth, a frugal man, basically is a man be careless about one’s dress on any occasion. To be careless about one’s dress is only an excuse for a sloppy.
    Eleventh, one is not an artist, but every day have a fever in the art of man, basically also is not a stand on solid ground, not on the man. Take photos, listen to music, watching movies, reading literary works, drinking, singing, dancing, painting Coffee, play the piano, really very romantic, but once happen every day in the home, that is not a woman happy beginning.

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