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    But the woman derailed just economic independence cause? The truth is thin, male derailed growing era woman emotion has anchored outside temptation inner agitation family life dull husband reduced increasingly attention etc.
    1 your views on female There was a red plum tree:
    A. can be understood but not accept 43.57%
    B. and male like cheating is 26.05%
    C. dirty body and mind look down 18.37%
    D. lonely not designed 12.01% pairs of love
    There may be There was a red plum tree. 2 you what circumstances?
    A. pressure the monotonous life 33.44%
    B. didn’t love when I was 30.51%
    C. love not harmonious 27.96%
    D. and years can not meet 8.09%
    3 if you love yourself you will?
    A. maintain an ambiguous state to conceal the truth 34.02%
    B. passion is still back 29.48%
    C. will not indulge too to the convergence of 24.65%
    The pursuit of love and her husband divorced in 11.84% D.
    “Gongxing woman” sketch
    Sketch: lonely let me put don’t embrace
    That is good but often ignored you.
    In the eyes of the male although like gave you cordial feeling temperature and you don’t refuse, in my arms
    Yang Caiyan 29 years old bank clerk my boyfriend is an excellent computer programmers to have made me extremely admire but good times don’t last long I found too much work often ignore every time I date not late is around that is developing a software need to work continuously without interruption but I couldn’t stand the loneliness felt very lost
    I started looking for a former male friends be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour to me the best care of sometimes after I prepared dinner as long as my boyfriend said busy don’t have time for my friends to chat about movie going to discos our memories of previous good time watching happiness Beauty King had a feeling that one day our fate decreed by fate home in the evening to read a romance end through passion night and I never wanted to see the computer programmer
    Two: love let asphyxia blockade sketch
    My husband of almost “blockade” like love finally let me off the rails and should that sentence “the fall more happy”……
    Zhong Huizi is 35 years old in a shopping mall manager we married 7 years every time I Street to know men greet my husband was not happy to return home immediately questioned the man what is know as I feel very boring as judges often look at my machine number stored as a strange number will cross-examine details aside Q also watched my eyes observe my Is it right? Lie if the short message is always rushing to see I was chatting on line aside “drive” the male colleagues occasionally come to my house he annoyed colleagues had to know one’s farewell then he should follow me angry I cable to make last year I told one of colleagues used “five one” holiday to elope to Mount Huangshan tourism a romantic mood good
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    Sketch three: you also derailed derailed me
    Husband’s betrayal let you mind resentment heart always around like a word “Zhou Guan set fire to forbid common people light?” A strange psychological role you begin to find the target
    Liu Guiling 35 year old university teacher I had with another male had a one night stand that is not my husband forced fault is first he betrayed me, he often said unit work overtime in the evening or not home either late at night after eleven o’clock came back foot did not wash a head drill into the quilt sleeping I often smell him the body of the 脂粉味 sometimes there is a two long hair sticky and I like the nanny home after work to take care of two children and his mother paralyzed in bed
    One day I saw him with a street girl jump all the way have a pleasant talk together I almost passed out I decided to take a revenge online rivals mature male we only had a bed but I know a single male in the course of contacts we gradually with love from time to time I send him something tasty now I understand it is the revenge husband psychological cause trouble
    Who will save the girl out of the wall of the heart
    Female There was a red plum tree. has reasons of its social, family and oneself three aspects
    From the social point of view the female male female There was a red plum tree. contact opportunity may increase
    From the female itself female female There was a red plum tree. and pursuit of high quality life quite relationship when their emotional needs are not met will be outside the marriage seeking emotional compensation and update
    Marriage and family life is not harmonious is the main reason of the female There was a red plum tree. many male into marriage with less attention after love innovation after marriage emotional life old boring like a bowl of no passion white boiling water think wife marry into the door on all the OK and even the wife as a don’t pay wages maid look even worse outside whoring lascivious ignore home wife would desire a romantic, warm female easily disappointed will also actively seek extramarital compensation
    But There was a red plum tree. doesn’t mean you can find true love is more quench a thirst with poison and with more grief and loss, so we have to remind those who have been out of the wall or walls, or to the wall is the “apricot” must think twice
    News story
    Marriage is not an empty box
    Said: “marriage is an empty box you have to put things in order to get what you want; the more you put get more” we around a lot of marriage to marriage has many to expect to get a lot of things such as love, joy, happiness, health, but the marriage begins is an empty box end up empty box two must have a mental preparation: to give, to love, care for each other, each other with

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